A Drop In The Ocean: how much for a su­pery­acht?

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If you are lucky enough to have the fi­nan­cial clout to con­sider pur­chas­ing any of the op­u­lently-ap­pointed float­ing palaces you will see moored up at DIBS 2013, then the fi­nan­cial im­pli­ca­tions of buy­ing into such a costly life­style as­set should be taken into con­sid­er­a­tion; buy­ing a su­pery­acht is not like buy­ing a su­per­car.

Firstly, most of the world’s top au­to­mo­tive mar­ques’ sig­na­ture models will at least re­tain their value. Boats do not. The minute it slides out of dry dock, you stand very lit­tle chance of re­coup­ing any of its orig­i­nal ticket price, no mat­ter how many di­a­monds you en­crust the toi­let with.

Th­ese boats are built to or­der. There­fore, un­less you are buy­ing sec­ond-hand, there are still the fix­tures, fit­tings and in­te­rior de­sign costs on top of the ini­tial fees to con­sider. That can be pretty much an ope­nended tab when you are play­ing at this level.

Ro­man Abramovich, for in­stance, likes to have a full mis­sile de­fence sys­tem and tor­pedo-proof­ing fit­ted as stan­dard on his fleet of tug­boats.

Then, once it is on the water, there is the con­sid­er­able cost of moor­ing, crew­ing and main­tain­ing the boat. It is not like you can park it up on a trailer on the drive­way of your sprawl­ing man­sion on the Palm Jumeirah.

It is dif­fi­cult to quan­tify th­ese ev­ery­day costs into a “one size fits all” price-bracket, be­cause ev­ery boat is dif­fer­ent. Ac­cord­ing to Craig Bar­nett, the ed­i­tor-in-chief of Yacht Emi­rates Mag­a­zine, the gen­eral rule of thumb is to “al­low around 10 per cent of the ini­tial pur­chase cost for an­nual fees such as berthing, in­surance, ser­vice and main­te­nance”.

That said, if you can fork out up­wards of US$30m (Dh110m) for con­struc­tion of a new ves­sel, or even the still sig­nif­i­cant cost of a pre-owned one, it is fair to say that your fi­nan­cial po­si­tion is ship­shape enough for the run­ning costs to be a mere drop in the ocean.

For­tu­nately, there is some­thing to match ev­ery bud­get at DIBS 2013, so, even if buy­ing a su­pery­acht is out of your league, there are still many op­tions to al­low you to dip your toe into the wa­ters of boat own­er­ship.

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