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1. Grum­ble as to cross­ing palm in money (8)

7. Thick­ness one has right to ad­just (5) 8. Wax lyri­cal about these UN char­ac­ters (7)

9. Shades of mean­ing the North can use in such a way (7)

10. Go off and make it on a lathe (4) 12. Take one part, cue be­ing bro­ken (7) 14. Take great plea­sure in gelt (hid this form of it) (7)

17. A match may be hung un­til it's high (4) 18. A hun­dred on money one had to pay to keep one within bounds (7) 21. Boasted like a bone­head wav­ing dag­ger (7)

22. A news­pa­per the Ital­ian will pro­duce in 24 hours (5)

23. He's gone over fee doc­tor ar­ranged, noth­ing less (8)


1. Make some­thing re­act badly to English (6)

2. How the cloth met a liar and dealt with it (8)

3. Removed top of cir­rus with a good deal of noise (4)

4. Mak­ing peace with North­ern Ire­land in rice pud­ding (6)

5. Boy who was fine in Ire­land (4) 6. Pure as the mix­ture ini­ti­ated by car­bon (6)

7. One who puffs might gasp, with rum (7) 11. El­e­va­tion in rank it achieves in a dingy way (7)

13. Not be­ing schooled by Aunt, thug was pro­duced (8)

14. Make mind up to die with­out one after De­cem­ber the first (6)

15. Make three times as much of a boy who sings (6)

16. It's easy to get one's teeth into a for­mal of­fer (6)

19. On which to be paid promptly as one's driven home (4)

20. It sounds just the post for a man (4)

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