Will my fa­ther be ex­tra­dited af­ter he has fin­ished serv­ing a prison sen­tence?

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Q My fa­ther has four months left on his prison sen­tence in the UAE but another coun­try has re­quested his ex­tra­di­tion. Will he be ex­tra­dited?

AThe terms of the UAE have to be met for any suc­cess­ful ex­tra­di­tion to another coun­try.

Fed­eral Law No 39 of 2006 gov­erns the ex­tra­di­tion of crim­i­nals, terms and con­di­tions to be ap­plied when de­liv­er­ing a sus­pect and they are set out in Ar­ti­cle 7.

These state that if a crim­i­nal’s re­main­ing sen­tence is less than six months in prison, the UAE will not give him back to the re­quest­ing coun­try. It also states that where a crim­i­nal es­capes from prison and comes to the UAE, the UAE will only give him back if he has six months or more im­pris­on­ment to com­plete.

This means that any out­stand­ing sen­tence on the sus­pect that is less than six months in length, chances are the UAE will not ex­tra­dite that per­son, as it does not meet the con­di­tion con­tained in the law. Un­der these cir­cum­stances, there is a good chance that your fa­ther will re­main in the UAE and not be ex­tra­dited to the other coun­try.

What is the dif­fer­ence be­tween a red no­tice and a blue no­tice from In­ter­pol? My friend has learned In­ter­pol has is­sued a no­tice but can­not con­firm if it is red or blue.

In­ter­pol is­sues var­i­ous kinds of no­tices de­pend­ing on the na­ture of the crime and its re­sult­ing se­ri­ous­ness. These are di­vided into red, blue, green, or­ange, yel­low, black and chil­dren’s no­tices.

The red no­tice means the sus­pect is a se­ri­ous crim­i­nal and al­lows the mem­ber coun­try to pur­sue the sus­pect, keep­ing an eye on them and tem­po­rar­ily ar­rest­ing them un­til their coun­try asks for their de­liv­ery through diplo­matic ways.

This is the most se­ri­ous no­tice is­sued by In­ter­pol and is used only for per­sons hav­ing com­mit­ted very se­ri­ous crimes. The blue no­tice is used when the coun­try is look­ing for a sus­pect and does not know where they are.

A blue no­tice is sent through In­ter­pol and the coun­try in which the sus­pect lives in­forms the other coun­try that the sus­pect is within their bor­ders.

If it can ful­fil the gen­eral con­di­tions of ex­tra­di­tion, the coun­try then con­ducts a search for the sus­pect.

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