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The time for Michel Aoun to as­sume his po­si­tion as the new Le­banese pres­i­dent is close, end­ing the two-and-a-half year gap since Le­banon had a pres­i­dent. Elias Har­foush says: “The re­ac­tion to Saad Hariri’s de­ci­sion to sup­port Aoun as a can­di­date ranged from de­scrib­ing it as a brave step to be­ing a huge risk. Ev­i­dently, Hariri him­self was un­sure about this step and what the con­se­quences might be. He jus­ti­fied his de­ci­sion by say­ing it was the last op­tion avail­able to tackle the pres­i­den­tial cri­sis in Le­banon. How­ever, there is a rea­son why Aoun is the last choice. If the pres­i­den­tial seat is not filled by Aoun, it stays empty. This is a ma­jor im­ped­i­ment the par­lia­ment has been forced to deal with. A week af­ter Aoun takes power, Le­banon will be in­volved in coali­tions and global com­mit­ments. He will “comes to terms” with Hezbol­lah, has “good in­ten­tions” to­ward the “forces”, and is fo­cused on the new coali­tion with Hariri. Amidst all these con­tra­dic­tions, all that con­cerns Aoun is be­ing called “your Ex­cel­lency Mr Pres­i­dent”.

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