Israel bi­ased against “Al­lahu Ak­bar”

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Suhail Ki­wan is shocked that some Arabs are re­act­ing so pas­sively to a pro­posed Is­raeli bill that will turn down or si­lence the vol­ume of the Azan (Call to Prayer) in mixed Pales­tinian ci­ties. “Nat­u­rally, a govern­men­tal de­ci­sion to stop the Azan at dawn has be­come a burn­ing is­sue among Arabs. A naïve per­son might sup­port the bill on the grounds that the pub­lic ad­dress sys­tems at dawn are dis­turb­ing. Some even say that the de­ci­sion is not to­tally il­log­i­cal and racist as a Jew, a Chris­tian, or a Mus­lim who doesn’t pray won’t be dis­turbed by the Fa­jir Azan. Oth­ers jus­tify it by say­ing that workers will have more hours to sleep and ba­bies won’t be roused pre­ma­turely. In this con­text the bill sounds rea­son­able,” writes Ki­wan. “How­ever, the real rea­son be­hind this bill is Israel’s aim to erase the her­itage, his­tory and iden­tity of the Pales­tinian peo­ple. The Azan is a sign of our continued ex­is­tence in our coun­try, par­tic­u­larly in mixed ci­ties where the Pales­tinian iden­tity is be­ing oblit­er­ated. With our long ex­pe­ri­ence of Is­raeli bias we know how the sys­tem works. We will not ac­cept these ridicu­lous ex­cuses to force their racism on us. As for the Arabs who de­fend this bill, they should re­alise that they are blind to the true na­ture of this con­flict.” Re­gard­ing the up­set vic­tory of Don­ald Trump in the US pres­i­den­tial race and its im­pact on the Mid­dle East, Ab­dul­lah Bin Bi­jad Al-Otaibi writes: “With­out a doubt, the re­gion will breathe a sigh of re­lief on the po­lit­i­cal level. Don­ald Trump and the Repub­li­can Party un­der­stand the Mid­dle East. They know who poses a real threat to US and its al­lies’ in­ter­ests. In the Mid­dle East the most im­por­tant al­lies are the GCC and Egypt. The peo­ple who fear Trump don’t un­der­stand the re­al­ity. Trump is a threat to ter­ror­ism, not Is­lam, and to the Mus­lim Brother­hood, not Mus­lims. Trump has Mus­lim busi­ness part­ners and has Mus­lims work­ing in his ho­tels and com­pa­nies with­out be­ing bi­ased in any way. We all know that cam­paign speeches dif­fer from po­lit­i­cal res­o­lu­tions; the for­mer is meant to at­tract vot­ers while the lat­ter aims at high in­ter­ests. The cam­paign against Trump was bru­tal, yet the Amer­i­can vot­ers made their choice. When Amer­i­cans took to the streets to ex­press their dis­may at the re­sult, the me­dia called it ‘The Amer­i­can Spring’ af­ter ‘The Arab Spring’, which we all now know was noth­ing but a ‘Rad­i­cal Spring.” Al-Otaibi ad­mits that some of Trump’s state­ments were racist and un­ac­cept­able, but “his pol­icy will show the true na­ture of his agenda when he com­mences his first term in Jan­uary”.

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