All hail the end of celebrity en­dorse­ments

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Bry­ony Gor­don

The Daily Tele­graph Cen­turies from now, when the great brains of the fu­ture look back on this era of global pol­i­tics, a key ques­tion that they’ll be seek­ing to an­swer, says Bry­ony Gor­don, is this: how come Hil­lary Clin­ton couldn’t win when she had Jon Bon Jovi on her side? And Lady Gaga. And Katy Perry. Her op­po­nent, by con­trast, got by with the likes of “wrestler turned sex-tape star” Hulk Ho­gan, and the ex-boxer and con­victed rapist Mike Tyson. We in the present day should pon­der this, too, for herein lies our con­so­la­tion amid the present gloom. The vic­tory of the “lu­di­crous” Trump may her­ald the re­jec­tion of “tol­er­ance, re­spect and po­lite po­lit­i­cal dis­course”, but it also, I re­joice to say, sounds the death knell for “the pa­tro­n­is­ing po­lit­i­cal celebrity en­dorse­ment”. The ar­ro­gance and con­de­scen­sion in­volved in think­ing that vot­ers will change their vote just be­cause you go on stage clutch­ing Bey­oncé’s hand beg­gars be­lief. How ironic that it took an ex-re­al­ity TV star, The Don­ald, to see “that the only star power he needed was his own”.

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