Edi­ción Limitada 2009

Length: 140, Ring Gauge: 54

Virtuozity - - BRAND -

When it was un­veiled in 2009, the Romeo y Julieta ‘Duke’ also rep­re­sented a new vi­tola size for the brand. The big­gest of that year’s spe­cial re­leases, its form re­sem­bled a grand ro­busto, and thanks to its con­sis­tent flavour pro­file and con­struc­tion, it wooed fans of the brand in­stantly. Be­cause of this, it’s worth re­vis­it­ing the 2009.

The Duke sports a no­tably darker wrap­per than we’ve come to ex­pect from most Romeo y Juli­etas. It’s oily with mod­er­ate veins, but it still emits those clas­sic pre­mium Cuban notes of leather and cedar—only here it’s a lit­tle sourer than you might ex­pect. The ini­tial draw re­veals great plumes of fresh-tast­ing smoke, though, do­ing away with the sour­ness that you get on the nose. In­stead, as you make your way through the first third, the leather and cedar back­drop is punc­tu­ated with lit­tle hits of spice. Like Romeo y Julieta’s other spe­cial re­leases, it’s clas­sic Cuban, and could be used as a bench­mark along­side the best of what the coun­try has to of­fer.

The sec­ond third ups the spici­ness level, but this is bal­anced out with hints of grass and herb. What’s more, the leather flavours be­come more pro­nounced, lead­ing to a nicely rounded medi­um­bod­ied smoke. Un­for­tu­nately, just as you think you’re get­ting go­ing with an in­ter­est­ing flavour pro­file, things be­gin to fiz­zle out. The fi­nal third re­verts back to the now slightly dull pro­file of the first third, which, while pleas­ant enough, doesn’t re­ally de­liver on the Duke’s dra­matic looks.

RAT­ING – 7/10

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