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The Sheikh Zayed Watch

“This is a unique watch. It has the sil­hou­ette of Sheikh Zayed’s face en­graved on the watch, as a re­flec­tion that he’s en­graved in our hearts. The hands of the sec­onds are in gold, and it has the ini­tial ‘Z’, which re­flects that his era was a golden era for the UAE. The strap is made of camel leather, and Sheikh Zayed es­tab­lished the fac­tory which is pro­duc­ing the camel leather for this watch.”

Spe­cial Edi­tion Pens

“We pro­duced two pens—one was for Sheikh Mo­hammed bin Zayed, and one was for Mo­hammed bin Rashid. They’re made of pure sil­ver, with di­a­mond en­grav­ing. They have the Sheikh’s faces on them, as well as some land­marks en­graved on them.”

The Ara­bic Watch

“This has Ara­bic num­bers, and it goes counter-clock­wise. The whole uni­verse goes counter-clock­wise—all of the galax­ies go counter-clock­wise, the Earth ro­tates coun­ter­clock­wise, all of the plan­ets go around the sun counter-clock­wise. Even in our re­li­gion, when pil­grims go around the Kaaba, we go counter-clock­wise. Why, then, do watches go the other way?”

Al Salam Hand­bag

“Al Salam means ‘peace’, and there’s a rea­son we named our hand­bag af­ter this. It is in­spired by the old­est hand­bag in history, which was made of sil­ver and cop­per and gold. It was made in Iraq. The first hand­bag for a woman was made by an Arab, and it was made in the Is­lamic era. With this, we wanted to show that Is­lam is the re­li­gion of peace.”

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