Tokyo: A brief history

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Over 500 years old, the city of Tokyo grew from the mod­est fish­ing vil­lage of Edo. The city only truly be­gan to grow when it be­came the seat of the Toku­gawa shogu­nate in 1603. While the em­peror ruled in name from Ky­oto, the true power was con­cen­trated in the hands of the Toku­gawa shogun in Edo. Af­ter the Meiji restora­tion in 1868, dur­ing which the Toku­gawa fam­ily lost its in­flu­ence, the em­peror and the im­pe­rial fam­ily moved here from Ky­oto, and the city was re-named to its cur­rent name, Tokyo. The met­ro­pol­i­tan cen­tre of the coun­try, Tokyo is the des­ti­na­tion for busi­ness, ed­u­ca­tion, mod­ern cul­ture, and gov­ern­ment, though other ma­jor Ja­panese cities, such as Osaka, may take is­sue with that stance.

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