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Renowned for its en­grav­ing and enamel paint­ing work­shops as well as its Da­m­a­scene time­pieces, Blanc­pain re­cently pre­sented the shakudõ tech­nique. Ja­panese in ori­gin, shakudõ is an al­loy prin­ci­pally com­posed of cop­per and gold, which ac­quires a dark patina be­tween blue and black, ac­cord­ing to vari­a­tions in its com­po­si­tion and tex­ture.

The black patina is ob­tained fol­low­ing a process called pas­si­va­tion, which calls for the ap­pli­ca­tion of a so­lu­tion. This so­lu­tion, which is com­posed of cop­per acetate (green gray), has been tra­di­tion­ally fab­ri­cated in Ja­pan where it is known as rokushõ. Ac­cord­ing to the num­ber of ap­pli­ca­tions of the rokushõ so­lu­tion, the black be­comes suc­ces­sively deeper and more in­tense. The shakudõ was used his­tor­i­cally among other things to cre­ate swords, dec­o­ra­tive ob­jects and jew­elry. The ar­ti­sans who prac­ticed shakudõ of­ten added en­grav­ings and or­na­ments.

Rarely seen in the world of watch­mak­ing, Blanc­pain has brought this art form for­ward to to­day with a se­ries of unique pieces, which re­flect the ex­per­tise of the man­u­fac­ture in the prac­tices of Métiers d’art. Four dif­fer­ent mod­els have been pre­sented, com­bin­ing shakudõ, en­grav­ing and Da­m­a­scen­ing. Each time­piece will be exclusive as it will re­flect the in­di­vid­ual hand­crafts of the ar­ti­san and his or her style of en­grav­ing, rokushõ patina. The dif­fer­ent re­sult­ing nu­ances in depth ren­der each work truly unique.

Recog­nis­able from his ele­phant’s head, the im­age of Ganesh is por­trayed on the dial. For Hin­dus, Ganesh is the God who con­quers ob­sta­cles. He is also the God of wis­dom, in­tel­li­gence, pru­dence and the leader of the schools and aca­demics. This is il­lus­trated with a hand-en­graved gold throne placed in the cen­tre of the Hindu mo­tifs. Finely de­tailed, the or­na­ments rep­re­sented on this piece have been crafted in Da­m­a­scene. This tech­nique con­sists of

Tech­ni­cal data: Cal­i­bre 15B

Thick­ness: 2.20mm Di­am­e­ter: 36.10mm Power re­serve: 40 hours Jew­els: 20 Com­po­nents: Lim­ited Edi­tion of:

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