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Blanc­pain’s Métiers d’art stu­dio presents the Great Wave

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Blanc­pain used Basel­world 2016 to launch ‘The Great wave’, a new cre­ation from the brand’s Métiers d’art stu­dio.

in­spired by the mo­tion of the sea, the time­piece high­lights a gem­stone used for the first time by Blanc­pain—mex­i­can sil­ver ob­sid­ian—as well as a fa­vorite Blanc­pain tech­nique: Ja­panese rokushō patina.

sil­ver ob­sid­ian, known for its sooth­ing qual­i­ties, is a semi-trans­par­ent vol­canic rock. its mys­te­ri­ous color speck­led with puffy, sil­very clouds in­fuses it with the el­e­gant charm sought by the de­sign­ers of the new Métiers d’art time­piece. This gem serves as a base for The Great wave ap­plique in white gold. The tech­nique used by Blanc­pain to cre­ate this ap­plique in­volves sev­eral phases. it is first fixed to a shaku­dō base be­fore be­ing coated with a unique patina achieved by im­mers­ing it into a bath of rokushō salts. once the patina has been ap­plied, the shaku­dō is re­moved. cer­tain parts of the wave roller are pol­ished in or­der to in­ten­sify the im­pres­sion of a huge bil­low­ing wave. Fi­nally, the en­grav­ing is af­fixed to the Mex­i­can sil­ver ob­sid­ian. This suc­ces­sion of steps gives the model a shim­mer­ing ap­pear­ance play­ing on the mys­te­ri­ously chang­ing tones of the dial.

The breaker wave is crafted in a white gold patina. The en­grav­ing is in­spired by the Great wave off Kana­gawa, a Ja­panese wood­block print cre­ated by the artist Hoku­sai. The power and mo­tion of the wave as ex­pressed by Blanc­pain’s mas­ter en­gravers con­trasts with the sym­bol­ism of gray ob­sid­ian, a stone evok­ing pu­rity and bal­ance.

This new Blanc­pain cre­ation is dis­tin- guished not only by its dis­tinc­tive aes­thetic el­e­gance, but also by its tech­ni­cal el­e­ments. The Man­u­fac­ture places spe­cial em­pha­sis on the in­no­va­tion of its move­ments. For this time­piece, Blanc­pain has mod­i­fied the fa­mous hand-wound 13r0 cal­iber that now be­comes the 13r3a move­ment. The power-re­serve dis­play ap­pears on the bridge side of the model so as to pro­vide suf­fi­cient space to en­sure op­ti­mal vis­i­bil­ity of the en­grav­ing. The move­ment with its 8-day power re­serve is equipped with three se­ries-cou­pled main­spring bar­rels that suc­ces­sively wind and un­wind. The sec­ond bar­rel serves as a re­lay for the first, re­plen­ish­ing its en­ergy so as to main­tain its force, and is in turn wound by the third bar­rel. The dou­ble-stepped case is fash­ioned in plat­inum.

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