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Breguet’s in­no­va­tive tra­di­tion répéti­tion Min­utes tour­bil­lon 7087 soon to Be on the Mar­ket

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Breguet used Basel­world 2016 to launch the In 2015, the tra­di­tion répéti­tion Min­utes tour­bil­lon 7087 in its fi­nal form, which will be avail­able in var­i­ous mar­kets by the end of the year.

the Man­u­fac­ture un­veiled the 7087 last year as the re­sult of sev­eral years of fun­da­men­tal re­search in the field of acous­tics. the aim was to take on a pre­vi­ously un­met chal­lenge: de­vel­op­ing a time­piece around a pre­de­ter­mined sound. Now, the brand has made cer­tain ad­just­ments to the time­piece in­tended to im­prove its sound and its per­for­mance, and is ready to bring it to mar­ket.

the tra­di­tion répéti­tion Min­utes tour­bil­lon 7087 is a col­lec­tion of in­no­va­tions. us­ing spe­cially de­vel­oped sound gen­er­a­tors, Breguet’s en­gi­neers ex­per­i­mented with more than 200,000 com­bi­na­tions of fre­quen­cies, which they then clas­si­fied into cat­e­gories ac­cord­ing to psy­choa­cous­tic cri­te­ria. the sounds were lis­tened to and eval­u­ated so as to de­ter­mine the com­bi­na­tion of notes that best met the development ob­jec­tives. the choice made af­ter this se­lec­tion process then guided the development and the con­struc­tion of the model.

the gong springs—a Breguet in­ven­tion and an essen­tial part of minute re­peater mech­a­nisms—have been en­tirely re­worked. gen­er­ally coiled around the move­ment and hor­i­zon­tally struck by ham­mers, they have in this in­stance been at­tached to the bezel and ver­ti­cally struck by the ham­mers. this in­no­va­tive con­struc­tion is based on the fact that the sap­phire crys­tal and bezel en­able op­ti­mal sound emis­sion when they vi­brate ver­ti­cally. By strik­ing the gongs ver­ti­cally from the move­ment to­wards the bezel, the ham­mers en­hance the trans­mis­sion of the vi­bra­tions to­wards ra­di­at­ing el­e­ments and then through the air.

the struc­ture of the ham­mers also fea­tures an in­no­va­tion. the ham­mer causes the gong spring to vi­brate. to pre­vent the ham­mer re­bound­ing and damp­ing the vi­bra­tion of the gong, tra­di­tional minute re­peaters are equipped with a buf­fer spring. the dis­ad­van­tage of these con­struc­tions is that they par­tially re­duce the ham­mer’s force. to solve these prob­lems, Breguet has in­vented a semi-ac­tive buf­fer which be­comes ac­tive af­ter the strike so as to avoid a dou­ble strike, and thereby max­imises the en­ergy in­jected into the gongs by the strike.

like the Clas­sique la Mu­si­cale 7800 model, this new tra­di­tion 7087 fea­tures an acous­tic cham­ber built into the case—tech­ni­cally termed a Heimholz cav­ity—whose role is to in­crease the sound level of the minute re­peater while fil­ter­ing the sounds from the mech­a­nism. this cham­ber can be glimpsed through eight small holes ar­rayed on the lower bezel en­cir­cling the case­back. It is shaped for the res­o­nant fre­quen­cies of the de­sired sounds. In this model the cav­ity is rec­tan­gu­lar in pro­file and en­cir­cles the move­ment, from which it is sep­a­rated by a mem­brane de­signed to seal the move­ment from the out­side air. Con­trary to the 7800 model that fea­tured a metal­lic glass mem­brane, this one is made of gold and af­fixed to a sap­phire crys­tal pro­vid­ing a stun­ning view of the move­ment.

these in­no­va­tions are com­ple­mented by the use of a mag­netic strike gover­nor, de­vel­oped on the ba­sis of a con­cept fea­tured in the Clas­sique la Mu­si­cale model. this patented sys­tem is com­posed of sil­ver weights sur­rounded by mag­nets placed around the cir­cum­fer­ence of the strike gover­nor.

Mean­while, the new Man­u­fac­ture Bre­itling Cal­iber B12 is a self-wind­ing chrono­graph with a 24-hour dis­play as is cus­tom­ary in the mil­i­tary and among pi­lots, and chronome­ter-cer­ti­fied by the Cosc (swiss of­fi­cial Chronome­ter test­ing in­sti­tute).

Bre­itling also claims ex­treme com­fort with this watch, thanks to the ex­clu­sive strap com­bin­ing yel­low rub­ber core and sides with a high-re­sis­tance black mil­i­tary tex­tile fi­bre ex­te­rior.

the time­piece is wa­ter-re­sis­tant to 100 me­tres, and fea­tures a ro­tat­ing bezel with rider tabs serv­ing to mem­o­rise times. the new Bre­itling is an in­stru­ment for pro­fes­sion­als, and as­serts it­self as a com­pen­dium of bold­ness, in­no­va­tion and per­for­mance de­signed to share ev­ery chal­lenge.

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