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Ja­quet Droz un­veils the Grande sec­onde Dual time

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Ja­quet Droz used Basel­world 2016 to un­veil the new Grande sec­onde Dual time, which the brand says res­onates with the rhythm of the jour­neys made by Pierre Ja­quet-droz in the 18th cen­tury.

the time­piece cel­e­brates the magic in a two-beat tempo with a brand new mech­a­nism and el­e­gantly po­si­tioned sec­ond time zone.

Pierre Ja­quet Droz, known as a worldly trav­eller in his day, un­doubt­edly wore a watch show­ing the time in the vil­lage of his birth­place, la Chaux-de-fonds, while he him­self was in Pek­ing (now Bei­jing) or Madrid. this no­tion of telling the time in two places at once would go on to be­come deeply rooted in the ethos of Ja­quet Droz and is hon­ored by sev­eral iconic mod­els in­clud­ing the twelve Cities, which gives the time in 12 cap­i­tals with a sin­gle hand, the Grande Heure GMT and the time zones.

the piece is en­dowed with two off-cen­tre di­als, slightly over­lap­ping to de­lin­eate a fig­ure eight. a new move­ment was de­vel­oped to cre­ate an up­per dial dis­play­ing the lo­cal time and a lower sec­onds dial, off-cen­tered at six o’clock, that dou­bles up with an hours and min­utes dial giv­ing the ref­er­ence time.

the dis­play starts with con­trast­ing yet com­ple­men­tary in­dexes: ro­man nu­mer­als on the up­per counter and ara­bic nu­mer­als on the lower. a fur­ther com­pli­ca­tion— the date—was also added, in­di­cated by a red-tipped hand that ex­ploits and en­hances the re­cessed lower sub­dial in a del­i­cate struc­tur­ing of form.

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