My Fa­ther Cigars

My Fa­ther Cigars was started when Jose Pepin Gar­cia and his fam­ily es­tab­lished a small fac­tory in Lit­tle Ha­vana in 2003. Since then, his pas­sion and love for cigars has helped him to build one of the most recog­nised com­pa­nies in the cigar in­dus­try. We sit

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Thank you very much! We are in Ger­many, France, Italy, Rus­sia, China, the Do­mini­can Repub­lic, Venezuela. We would like to en­ter the Mid­dle East with force. In the Emi­rates, you can sell very well be­cause there’s lots of money. the movie sets, wait­ing for lights, sound, make-up, all that stuff, I was smok­ing cigars with peo­ple like Mel Gib­son, Bruce Wil­lis, Haris­son Ford, Steven Se­gal and all these guys.

Then a pri­vate lounge opened up in the Bev­erly Hills area—i was one of the orig­i­nal found­ing mem­bers, and celebri­ties joined. We’d go af­ter work to re­lax, smoke a cigar. And then some­body ap­proached me to make cigars as a hobby—they wanted an in­vestor. I went for it, and pretty soon a small in­vest­ment be­came a pretty big in­vest­ment, and this guy was sit­ting around in Hon­duras and Nicaragua, and not ex­e­cut­ing the plan how I wanted.

So I ba­si­cally bought him out. Ev­ery­one said, “Just for­get about the money, you’ll never get your money back—you’re not Cuban, you’re not Latin, this is a busi­ness that’s handed down from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion.”

But when some­body tells me I can’t do some­thing, I’m def­i­nitely go­ing to do it, so I spent seven years in Nicaragua, Hon­duras, Do­mini­can Repub­lic, ask­ing a lot of stupid ques­tions, learn­ing, work­ing in the farms on the cur­ing and the fer­men­ta­tion. I made thou­sands and thou­sands of blends to ed­u­cate my pal­ette. I knew I had good taste in wine and food, so I trusted my pal­ette, and I im­ple­mented the strictest qual­ity con­trol stan­dards that any­body could im­ple­ment. I saw what peo­ple were do­ing right, try­ing to take all the good things, and what peo­ple were do­ing wrong, and tried to stay away from the bad things. And we be­came se­ri­ous about hav­ing the strictest qual­ity con­trol and con­sis­tency, and that’s when we launched it. In 1999, I moved to Florida, and that’s when we launched the cigars.

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