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EV­ERY­ONE HAS, AT ONE time or an­other, de­cided that the life they live is too un­healthy, too friv­o­lous and too seden­tary. It may come as a New Year res­o­lu­tion, or it may come af­ter a par­tic­u­larly in­dul­gent night at one of the re­gion’s best restau­rants, but sooner or later, ev­ery­one de­cides that what they want is to do away with temp­ta­tion, and live a life ded­i­cated to health and well­ness.

Of course, ev­ery­one will know from ex­pe­ri­ence that the de­ci­sion of­ten takes a very small amount of time to re­verse it­self. And that’s largely be­cause one of the key pil­lars to a high sense of health and well­ness is eat­ing ‘clean’, which, in most cases, can of­ten be taken as eat­ing ‘bor­ing’.

There are com­pa­nies in the Mid­dle East try­ing to make that part a lit­tle eas­ier, how­ever. Meal plan ser­vices like those of­fered by Right Bite and Lively are a good place too easy to re­mem­ber that you’re on a diet, and that you’re forc­ing your­self to stick to it out of a de­sire to ei­ther lose weight or live with a more bal­anced diet.

This is where a Nour­ish­ing Dubai comes in. A cut above the reg­u­lar meal plan ser­vices, it’s cer­tainly pricier than the re­gion’s other of­fer­ings, but a quick look at the com­pany’s menu shows that the food is well worth the added in­vest­ment. For ex­am­ple, break­fast op­tions in­clude pump­kin waf­fles with cashew whipped cream and veal ba­con, or grilled grass-fed ten­der­loin steak with chimichurri sauce and gar­lic sriracha hash browns. Lunch pro­vides meals such as red snap­per fish tacos with pro­bi­otic coleslaw on co­conut tor­tilla, and Chi­nese cashew chicken with broccoli rice and a gar­lic ginger sauce. For din­ner, you’ll be treated to the likes of Nour­ish­ing’s veal ba­con al­mond cheese burger, served with skinny sweet potato fries and pro­bi­otic ketchup, or else a wild prawn car­bonara, with dairy-free creamy sauce and spaghetti squash.

This is healthy eat­ing for the re­gion’s food lovers.

In­deed, ac­cord­ing to Jeff Zorn, Nour­ish-

All of Nour­ish­ing’s or­ganic meal de­liv­ery pro­grams are nu­tri­tion­ally de­signed based on a nu­tri­ent-dense, whole, fresh, plant-based diet that in­cludes plenty of pro­tein and healthy fats. The Nour­ish­ing Dubai pro­gramme helps bal­ance, re­store, and heal your body. The com­pany’s clients re­port re­sults rang­ing from the phys­i­cal—im­proved im­mune func­tion, de­creased body fat, in­creased mus­cle tone, bal­anced blood panel, flat­ter tummy, and clearer, brighter skin—the men­tal—in­creased en­ergy, bet­ter fo­cus, ban­ished crav­ings and post-lunch crashes—and the spir­i­tual—peace and com­fort in know­ing that you are be­ing taken care of. Nour­ish­ing ac­com­mo­dates se­lect al­ler­gies and in­tol­er­ances. You can se­lect up to three in ad­di­tion to the ones that are ex­cluded by the com­pany’s clean eat­ing phi­los­o­phy. Keep in mind that Nour­ish­ing’s pro­grammes are free of gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts and legumes. If you se­lect an al­lergy, you may re­ceive a meal sub­sti­tu­tion. Nour­ish­ing of­fers a set menu of de­li­cious meals that ro­tates monthly as well as sea­son­ally. The com­pany’s meals are nu­tri­tion­ally de­signed for op­ti­mal health so its guar­an­tees that you and your body will love all of the meals. Nour­sh­ing’s founder be­lieves in vari­a­tion—both for your taste buds and your gen­eral health—so the com­pany does not re­peat a recipe over a month. Nour­sh­ing’s meal plan is de­signed to nour­ish you and keep you feel­ing sat­is­fied all day so you should not feel the need to snack. That said, some­times the com­pany feels it’s just too hard to re­sist send­ing you some­thing new to nib­ble on—whether it is a crunchy snack or a tasty dessert.

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