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TAG pro­duced two mod­els of the Ali Car­rera—a stain­less steel edi­tion of 750 pieces and the solid gold model that was auc­tioned off at the event. Both draw in­spi­ra­tion from the 1957 Heuer Ring Master, a stop watch that fea­tured seven in­ter­change­able rings to al­low dif­fer­ent sports to be timed.

Es­sen­tially, the Ali Car­rera com­bines the tim­ing func­tion­al­ity of the Ring Master with the de­sign of the pop­u­lar Car­rera Driver Timer Cal­i­bre 5 that was launched at Basel­world 2014. The watch shares much of its de­sign with the Car­rera Driver Timer, mean­ing a 43mm case and a move­ment pow­ered by the Cal­i­bre 5 (Sel­lita).

There’s a cir­cu­lar base of the sec­onds hand, which is the same de­sign at the 1957 Ring Master. The watch has two crowns—at 3 o’clock there’s the usual crown for set­ting the time and at 10 o’clock there’s a crown that ro­tates an in­ter­nal bezel. The case­back is en­graved with an im­age of Muham­mad Ali and his sig­na­ture.

Also, you’ll note the pat­terned colours on the dial, which are there to pay homage to the sport of box­ing. Heavy­weight box­ing bouts used to be made up of 15 rounds of three min­utes, with a one-minute break at the end of ev­ery round. That neatly trans­lates to 50 min­utes in all. While bouts are now 12 rounds, TAG Heuer has kept the dial with the tra­di­tional lay­out.

The Cal­i­bre 5 Drive Timer (which this watch is based on) works by us­ing the crown at 10 o’clock. You move the in­ter­nal bezel un­til the red tri­an­gle is lined up with the minute hand. This tells you the time that you de­part, al­low­ing you to work out how long your jour­ney has taken—you just read the time in­di­cated by the in­ter­nal bezel that lines up to the minute hand.

But on the new Ali Edi­tion we have two sets of mark­ings—one set in cream and a sec­ond in red. The rea­son be­hind this is be­cause some forms of box­ing are made up of two-minute rounds in­stead of three, and TAG wanted this watch to be able to cater to those sports too. The mark­ings in cream fea­ture two-minute seg­ments with a one-minute break in black, while the red mark­ings de­note three-minute rounds with a one-minute break also in black.

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