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IT WAS BACK IN 1956 that PN Par­mar ar­rived in Dubai armed with a hand­held sewing ma­chine and the de­ter­mi­na­tion to con­tinue his ca­reer as a tai­lor. With no elec­tric­ity, he was forced to work by lan­tern as he cre­ated shirts and suits for Bri­tish and Ira­nian busi­ness­man.

Now the Par­mar fam­ily have four stores across Dubai, 145 em­ploy­ees, their own fab­ric and grand plans to in­tro­duce their own line of patina leather goods.

Hav­ing seen fash­ion trends come and go, and tai­lor­ing tech­niques evolve over the last 60 years, the Par­mar fam­ily have a wealth of knowl­edge when it comes to se­lect­ing the right suit. That’s why we headed to their branch in DIFC – called Be­spoke - to learn more about the art of tai­lor­ing.

“Dur­ing the late 1980s right the way through to 2000 be­spoke tai­lor­ing started to siz­zle out and the shift was to­wards

ready-mades,” ex­plains Prakash Par­mar who has has spent three decades help­ing ex­pand the com­pany in his role as Chief Op­er­a­tions Of­fi­cer.

“By 2000 nearly all tai­lor­ing houses stopped mak­ing be­spoke suits and switched to semi-in­dus­tralised. But then trends shifted around 2006 and that is when we opened Be­spoke in DIFC. Here we mea­sure the client, draft a tem­plate com­pletely from scratch and the skele­ton is made from scratch. The fab­ric is draped on and then re­shaped. The mould­ing is all done prop­erly and the suit will set­tle to your build.

“Once again clients are mov­ing away from brand names, be­cause of In­sta­gram and Face­book they want to have some­thing unique in or­der to be seen. They are will­ing to spend more time cre­at­ing some­thing just for them.”

Such has been the rise of so­cial me­dia and fash­ion in­flu­encers that now there is an ever-grow­ing de­mand for one-off pieces. Be­spoke al­lows a client to take charge of ev­ery as­pect of their suit, but Prakash Par­mar has some ad­vice for those wish­ing

“Once again clients are mov­ing away from brand names, they want to have some­thing unique in or­der to be seen.”

to make a state­ment.

“There are two ways of look­ing at suits. You can choose one that makes you stick out in a crowd or one that makes you stand out,” says Prakash. “If all you want is at­ten­tion then stick out by wear­ing a red suit jacket and yel­low trousers. But to re­ally stand out you need to wear a suit that makes you look your very best.

“We have man­agers from top com­pa­nies as well as roy­alty com­ing in for fit­tings, and they in­vest in a suit that makes them look im­pec­ca­ble. That is what we would al­ways ad­vise.”

With be­tween 6,000-8,000 hand stitches needed to cre­ate a jacket, the process of

“To re­ally stand out you need to wear a suit that makes you look your very best. You should look im­pec­ca­ble.”

“We will build an en­tire wardrobe for a sea­son or the next six months. What­ever the bud­get we will work with it.”

hav­ing a be­spoke suit made can be time con­sum­ing. And in Dubai, where peo­ple ex­pect the best qual­ity at the drop of a hat, the Par­mar fam­ily have had to cre­ate a so­lu­tion for their de­mand­ing clients.

Their Ex­press branch in JBR of­fers a tai­lor­ing ser­vice that de­liv­ers to the cus­tomer in five days. The suits are made to mea­sure and Par­mar guar­an­tee they will de­liver qual­ity even in a short space of time.

“There are a lot of events and peo­ple want some­thing spe­cial but they don’t have time. They are very de­mand­ing,” con­tin­ues Prakash. “We have a num­ber of tem­plates with dif­fer­ent per­mu­ta­tions and you can se­lect the fab­ric, de­sign, per­son­al­i­sa­tion and in five days it will be de­liv­ered to you.

“We are tar­get­ing hav­ing 185 dif­fer­ent jacket per­mu­ta­tions and by March we will be able to de­liver in three days.”

The Par­mar fam­ily have also stuck to the meth­ods that served them so well when they first ar­rived in the UAE. They be­lieve a body scan­ner is noth­ing more than a gim­mick and in­stead make sure that each client tries on a gar­ment in or­der to get the ex­act mea­sure­ments.

They also plan to of­fer a new ser­vice in which a con­sul­tant will as­sess a cus­tomer’s wardrobe and then ad­vice on which suits are needed in or­der to com­pli­ment their skin tone or the shape of the face and body.

“We want to see what is flat­ter­ing and what is re­dun­dant in your wardrobe,” says Prakash. “We will build an en­tire wardrobe for a sea­son or the next six months. What­ever the bud­get we will work with it so whether it is through Par­mar, Suit Ex­press or Be­spoke.”

To fin­ish off your col­lec­tion, Par­mar are also set to of­fer a wide range of two-tone leather goods.

“We are work­ing on it as we speak - wal­lets, shoes, belts, cigar hold­ers – all in patina which is a used leather look. It is all in one colour com­bi­na­tion so you can be com­pletely co­or­di­nated.

“It is a full 360 so­lu­tion. We will con­sult you on the gar­ments and we will pick the fab­rics based on your re­quire­ments. Then we will pro­vide you with the leather ac­ces­sories to com­plete the look. It needs to be an ex­ten­sion of you.”

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