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OOn first look, it may seem like this month’s cover fea­ture, ‘Dubai’s best break­fasts, and where to find them’, is about break­fasts, and, well, where to find them. And on one level, that’s what it is – flick through it, and you’ll find 33 fan­tas­tic ideas for your morn­ing meal. So far so good. But, more im­por­tantly, what it also is, is a re­la­tion­ship saver, be you hus­band and wife, par­ent and child or sim­ply two best friends, be­cause one of the most di­vi­sive ques­tions of all time is: ‘Where shall we go for breakfast?’

Every week­end my wife and I go through the same, Olympic-sized con­ver­sa­tion of just where ex­actly we should go for breakfast, sway­ing back­wards and for­wards, to­ing and fro­ing, as we tumble over the many hur­dles that stand be­tween me get­ting some­thing nice to eat first thing on a Fri­day morn­ing… ‘We’ve been there loads of times, they only do re­ally un­healthy stuff, they only do rab­bit food,’ re­peat ad nau­seam…

This month’s What’s On aims to halt that, with a premise so sim­ple it’s ge­nius – not only have we shown you the best places to go, we also pick out the best dishes, both healthy and a blow-out. In short, we’ve made breakfast ar­gu­ment proof, sav­ing the need for count­less, end­less con­ver­sa­tions. You’d bet­ter be­lieve I’m look­ing at you here, Kaja Evans. En­joy the is­sue. And, hope­fully for my sake, the peace and quiet.

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