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Prep the skin with mois­turiser to cre­ate a bar­rier be­tween the skin and the makeup. Next, dust a loose pow­der ( that is just half a shade lighter than the skin colour) onto the skin and use a brush to dust off the ex­tra pow­der. Ap­ply a primer — this has to be spe­cific to a per­son’s skin type. For ex­am­ple, if a per­son has dry skin, a hy­drat­ing primer is pre­ferred.

You can con­tour the eye first to avoid any smudges later on. Ir­re­spec­tive of face shape, use a lighter con­tour­ing shade un­der the arch of the eye­brow, then blend a darker eye­shadow along the lash line. While con­tour­ing the eyes, if one does not have an in­dented socket, ap­ply­ing a darker shade of brown along the socket line can help en­hance it. Use a conto our­ing pal­ette and choose a sh ade that is rough hly three shade es lighter than the skin tone. T his is the high­ligh ht­ing shade. Just as white gives the il­lu­sion of a large er sur­face area, the light shade enh hances all ar­eas of the face it is ap­plied o on.

Use this shade to draw a line a along the cen­tre of the nose, in the sha ape of a palm tree. For round face shap es, this line will be longer, to elon­gat te the face. Next, draw the light shade un­der the eyes, in the shape of wings. T This is done to high­light the face and co over dark cir­cles. The light shade is als so used un­der the lips, drawn upwa ards to give the ef­fect of a face lift.

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