Mod­math has been de­vel­oped by par­ents whose own kids have dys­lexia and dys­graphia, so you can be rest as­sured it works. It al­lows chil­dren to type math prob­lems in­stead of writ­ing them by hand, which can prove dif­fi­cult if they are dyslexic. The app provi

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Cosy en­vi­ron­ments that r e t a i n w a r mt h a n d mois­ture har­bour dan­ger­ous bac­te­ria, and when not re­moved, bring a host of in­flic­tions upon you. First, take out re­mov­able items — the racks, the salt and fluid caps, the fil­ter, etc. Then wipe the in­side with a fresh sponge and vine­gar.

Don’t for­get to clean the fil­ter — you can al­ways find food left­overs in it. Then, fill a cup of vine­gar into the cap­sule com­part­ment, and al­low the ma­chine to rinse empty at the high­est tem­per­a­ture you have ( don’t for­get to put back the stuff you took out!).

We al­ways tend to over­look places like the tile grout­ing where mould can grow all too quickly. Use tea tree oil to clean it. It’s an­tibac­te­rial and kills mould. Dip a cot­ton swab in the oil and coat the af­fected area gen­er­ously. Af­ter half an hour, this mir­a­cle cure will have ban­ished the fun­gus and the joints will look clear again!


The cen­trifu­gal drum al­ways looks so spot­less af­ter each wash, but if not cleaned from time to time, it can lead to bad smelling clothes. That’s be­cause dirty clothes leave their dirt some­where — even in the drum.

To clean it, put 50gm of bak­ing soda di­rectly into the drum and 50ml of vine­gar essence in the top com­part­ment. Wash at 60 º C for a fresh- smelling wash­ing ma­chine. You can also get the dis­penser clean with a sponge and tap wa­ter. Do not for­get also to re­move the lint and hairs in the rub­ber that fill the ma­chine, if it’s a washer dryer.


Door­knobs, tele­phones, light switches and re­mote con­trols come i nto hu­man con­tact sev­eral times a day, but rarely come with a cloth. But viruses can sur­vive on this type of sur­face for around 24 hours and other types even longer, so dis­in­fec­tion is key here. A dab of vine­gar on a cloth is perfect to com­bat the po­ten­tial threat.

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