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Steve Jobs once fa­mously said, “The journey is the re­ward.” The maxim was con­ceived as a mo­ti­va­tional tool for bud­ding en­trepreneurs, but I like to think that this phrase sums up par­ent­ing in all its glory ( Can You Ever Be A Per­fect Par­ent?, Jun 10). Par­ent­hood seems to re­volve around lit­tle else but in­ces­sant tears and sleep­less nights to please bawl­ing tots. Many of us dread this stage and, yet, if you were to ask any par­ent whether they envy their child­less peers, the an­swer is a re­sound­ing no.

I too re­mem­ber the one time my son had slipped away from my grasp in a pop­u­lar hyper­mar­ket that iron­i­cally rhymes with snafu. The mem­ory still makes my hair stand on end. Af­ter what felt like eter­nity ( prob­a­bly the bet­ter part of 30 min­utes), I was greeted with a re­liev­ing sight. There was my son, chat­ting up an equally in­ter­ested of­fi­cial ( who had gra­ciously treated him to an ice cream), and look­ing like he’d have hap­pily stayed put till all his milk teeth fell out. Later, he told me that he was a ‘ big boy now, so there was no need for daddy to worry any­more.’ Those words struck home like a bul­let. The trick

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