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I have dan­druff. also, my hair is thin­ning, grey­ing and is mostly frizzy nowa­days. Can you please give me so­lu­tions for these prob­lems?

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I have dark brown hair, but lately I have no­ticed they are grey­ing. Is black tea still the go-to op­tion for me? I want to re­tain my nat­u­ral colour and not turn it into black com­pletely. Also, could you ex­plain how many times I have to rinse my hair with black tea for the colour to catch? I am a 20-year-old male. My lips are con­stantly chapped and the skin al­ways keeps peel­ing. No amount of Vase­line or lip balm helps any­more. Please sug­gest an ef­fec­tive rem­edy. I have old stretch marks on my shoul­ders from the time I lost weight. I am in my mid-40s. Is there any­thing I can do to make these marks dis­ap­pear?

— Anju

I’m a guy in my early 20s. The area around my eyes is ex­tremely dark. Do you have any nat­u­ral reme­dies for me?

—MS Put chilled tea bags on your eyes for five min­utes, twice daily. Just in case you have a si­nus con­di­tion, you may use warm tea bags. This tones and light­ens dark cir­cles around the eyes. In the mean­time, avoid spend­ing too much time on com­put­ers and late nights and drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of wa­ter to keep your body and skin hydrated and healthy.

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