El­bow grease for smooth skin

Iam a 14- year- old school girl. I have to wear skirts and socks, so my el­bows and knees are al­ways vis­i­ble. Can you ad­vise as to how I can lighten my skin tone in these ar­eas?

WKND - - B E A U T T Yy B B A A S S I C C S - 3 march 2017 BY RIMA SONI • Thee one- stop home beauty so­lu­tions space

I’mI ’ m m 18, anda haveha a ve re­al­lyr eallyal th thick ck anda longo g hair. My scalp­scal p painsa a l lot t ifi I tieie mym m hairai inn a pony­tailpony­tai l oro if mym hairh is pulled whilewh le comb­ing.co omb­ing PleaseP ease tel­lelll mem how I canca a get r rid d ofo thish scalps a l p pain.pain n.

I am a 16 year- old girl. My hair has been thin­ning rapidly and it doesn’t grow as much as I would like it to. Please sug­gest an ef­fec­tive rem­edy for quick and strong hair growth.

— Name with­held Hair can stop falling if you choose to eat a healthy, bal­anced meal. Drink 10 glasses of wa­ter daily, and mas­sage co­conut milk on scalp thrice a week to nour­ish it. If this does not help, add 6 drops of tea tree oil and 9 drops of rose­mary oil to half- a- cup of co­conut oil and 1 tea­spoon of cas­tora to r oil.o l Mix MixM well­wel l an nd nd use use se thisthi con­coc­tion con­coc­tionco i your your ha hair air and a mas­sagema s ge into in­ton o scas scalp.c p . L Leavea ono overnightoverne ght a and nd sham shampa mp poo o thethe nextne day. This shou should d be be e d doned done atat lea least thriceh i e a a week.weekwe

I amm 2 27 27. I haveha v e dan­druff,d a ndruff,d ff and mym y hairh a ir isi thin­ningn very fasf st.s . I triedt ied al­mond d an­dan nd cas­tor oil, but the com­bi­na­tion didn’t t help. I also have ann oily scalp. Can you please sug­gest some­thing that is easy and does not in­clude egg and oil??

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