Yeah, so you burn a lot of calo­ries train­ing for triathlon. But how­ever many your burn, it’s al­most im­pos­si­ble to out-train a bad diet. Here’s what you should be eat­ing

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Let’s face it, as triath­letes most of us like our food (and lots of it), but that doesn’t mean we have healthy di­ets. At some point most of us will have an in­ner voice telling us: ‘Well I’ve earned it as I did a re­ally tough train­ing ses­sion to­day’. Okay if you’re look­ing at a plate of chicken and rice, less good if you’re eye­balling a meat­feast pizza.

It’s true to say that as we burn through big amounts of calo­ries we might be able to eat large amounts of calo­ries, but the qual­ity of what we eat and when we eat is cru­cial to stay­ing in great shape. If you owned a high-per­for­mance sports car you wouldn’t put the cheap­est low qual­ity fuel into it, and we need to treat our bod­ies in ex­actly the same way. A poorly struc­tured diet can very of­ten be the fi­nal link in the chain that ath­letes need to cor­rect to see per­for­mance gains. We’re not say­ing put a ban on all treats (we’re not ogres), but they should only make up 10% of your diet.


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