Spend­ing end­less hours swim­ming, bik­ing and run­ning, but com­ing out in a (cold) sweat just think­ing about the weights room? It’s time to learn to love strength and con­di­tion­ing

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Hate the weights room? Yep, you’re not alone. This is maybe the most com­mon flaw in triath­letes that I see as a coach. Al­though nearly ev­ery ath­lete un­der­stands the ben­e­fit of strength train­ing and what im­pact it can have on their over­all triathlon ex­pe­ri­ence, sadly so many of them will al­ways drop the strength ses­sion when time be­comes tight or they think it’s not ac­tu­ally mak­ing them faster. In­stead they will plough on with swim, bike and run, but some of th­ese ses­sions may ac­tu­ally be ‘junk’. A com­mon dis­cus­sion be­tween triath­letes is how they’re con­stantly work­ing with the odd nig­gle (how many of you are bat­tling a ‘twinge’ in a ham­string or Achilles ten­don?) or are get­ting prop­erly in­jured and it’s dis­rupt­ing their sea­son. All of this could be avoided by stick­ing to a struc­tured and reg­u­lar strength ses­sion. Imag­ine a build­ing that’s weak when put un­der stress from ex­ter­nal fac­tors – our bod­ies are the same! If we can make our skele­tal and mus­cu­lar struc­tures stronger we’re more re­silient to the stress of a heavy train­ing regime.

When an ath­lete be­comes func­tion­ally stronger then they will be able to move faster and gen­er­ate more power with­out fa­tigu­ing as quickly. Th­ese are the step­ping stones to suc­cess and no triath­lete can af­ford to ig­nore this.


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