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Th­his year’ss gog­gle grouptest in­cluded only one op­tion un­der £20 – the Zoggs Fu­sion Air. For us they just don’t of­fer any­thing that generic, bud­get £10 goggles don’t, so they still don’t rep­re­sent great value. The Zoggs Preda­tors are a dif­fer­ent story, how­ever. We know from ex­pe­ri­ence that these last an age and pro­vide a very com­fort­able fit that’s loved by many, so it’s our favourite train­ing gog­gle on test. The other larger lenses on test, Speedo’s V Class Vue, didn’t wow us and felt too cum­ber­some. Vorgee’s Mis­sile Eclipse con­fused us and ev­ery­one else who swam in them, and it was the only gog­gle that ac­tu­ally af­fected the speed of our swims be­cause vi­sion was so poor. We just can’t rec­om­mend them with this lens colour. We like the lenses on Swans’ SRX Mir­rored but pre­fer their Fal­con goggles over­all, and we’d opt for Huub’s Varga gog­gle as our favourite op­tion with a flat lens frontage. We can rec­om­mend all the top-end race goggles here – the Arena Cobra, Aqua Sphere/MP Xceed and Speedo Fast­skin Elite. The low pro­files won’t be for ev­ery­one, but the Fast­skin Elite and MP Xceed goggles both re­ceived glow­ing feed­back for how sur­pris­ingly com­fort­able they felt. The Aqua Sphere MP Xceed has won our gog­gle grouptest the last two year’s run­ning, but this time around the most suc­cess­ful Olympian of all time (or his goggles at least) have been de­throned. Zone3’s new Volaire gog­gle is £18 cheaper, re­ceived ac­claim from us and ev­ery­one we gave them to, is supremely com­fort­able and yet stills re­tains that hy­dro­dy­namic ap­pear­ance.

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