A 30-minute swim ses­sion will give you plenty of time to work on speed, tech­nique and en­durance. Here are 15 var­ied sets for boost­ing your triathlon swim

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1 200 TESTS

Com­plete a test­ing ses­sion to give your­self some base­line fig­ures. Ex­e­cute mul­ti­ple 200m ef­forts as hard as pos­si­ble al­low­ing 1min rest be­tween sets; you should com­plete as many as ap­pro­pri­ate for your cho­sen rac­ing dis­tance. Work out your av­er­age pace per 100m and call this your Test Pace (TP). Re­peat each 4-6wks.


Look to im­prove your poor and in­ef­fec­tive leg kick by in­clud­ing it as part of a big­ger set. This’ll help with im­prov­ing body po­si­tion and also for changes in pace. Com­plete 8 x 200m sets with the fi­nal 50m of each 200m us­ing a kick­board and work­ing hard kick­ing from the hips and glutes. Take 30secs rest be­tween sets.


This is a sim­ple but ef­fec­tive 1,500m main set that works on en­durance and a change in swim pace. Start at 500m and re­duce by 100m each set, i.e. 500/400/300/200/100. As you de­crease the dis­tance, aim to in­crease your pace by 2-3secs per 100m each time. 30secs rest af­ter each set.


Some­times it’s okay to sim­ply get in the pool and have a re­cov­ery swim with­out any spe­cific ob­jec­tive of time or pace. Use this kind of ses­sion to think about your tech­nique. If you’ve had a very tough week of train­ing this can be very use­ful as an ac­tive re­cov­ery ses­sion. Just don’t make ev­ery ses­sion like this!

5 100S OFF

This is pos­si­bly the most com­mon – yet easy and ef­fec­tive ses­sion – for any triath­lete in the pool. Set a tar­get time for your 100s based on your TP time (see swim ses­sion 1) and add 10-15secs for re­cov­ery. This be­comes your com­bined ‘OFF’ time. For ex­am­ple, 15 x 100m OFF 2:10mins. The faster you swim, the more re­cov­ery time you’ll get.


Look like a ‘real’ swim­mer by prac­tis­ing tum­ble turns in a main set (it helps if the pool is quiet when you do this ses­sion). Swim a steady pace 300m and then in­clude a tum­ble turn on the next four lengths mak­ing it a 400m set. Re­peat 4 x more sets of the 400m block to give you a great 2km.


Great swim­mers use all strokes and you should too… even but­ter­fly! If you can do fly, it’s

“If you’ve had a tough week of train­ing, then a re­cov­ery swim can be very use­ful”

a great stroke for high­light­ing a propul­sive pull phase. Break­down a con­tin­u­ous 250m block into 100m crawl/75m breast/50m back/25m fly. Take 1min rest at the end of the fly… you might need it!

8 1,600M IN 400S

A sim­ple way to break up a 1,600m swim is to drop it down into 400s with 90secs rest be­tween. But to keep it in­ter­est­ing, work at dif­fer­ent paces and make each 400m dif­fer­ent. Try 400m easy; 2 x 200m mod­er­ate; 4 x 100m vig­or­ous; and fi­nally 8 x 50m max ef­fort. Take no more than 20secs rest in be­tween the in­ter­vals. And re­ally focus on the fast 50s.


The most com­monly used swim toy has to be the pull buoy, which is great for help­ing body po­si­tion and work­ing on tech­nique. Com­plete a 2km set as 4 sets of 3 x 100m, with a pull buoy

placed be­tween the tops of your thighs fol­lowed by an easy 200m. Each block of 3 x 100m could have a dif­fer­ent tech­nique focus.


Work up and down a pyra­mid of dis­tance chang­ing the in­ten­sity each in­ter­val. Do 2km as: 4 x 50m max ef­fort; 3 x 100m vig­or­ous; 2 x 150m mod­er­ate; 1 x 400m easy; 2 x 150m mod­er­ate; 3 x 100m vig­or­ous; 4 x 50m max ef­fort. Take 20secs rest be­tween sets.


Pair up with a swim­mer of equal abil­ity to make your swim ses­sions more pro­duc­tive. Prac­tise open-wa­ter skills such as draft­ing by swim­ming just to their side and be­ing com­fort­able close to oth­ers. Also, in­clude some 25m sprints against each other. The loser buys the post-swim cof­fee!

13 TIMED 30

A re­ally sim­ple en­durance ses­sion is swim­ming a con­tin­u­ous 30mins aim­ing to com­plete as many lengths as pos­si­ble. Keep a record of your dis­tance cov­ered. If 30mins is too long to be­gin with, start with 15mins and build from there. Aim to keep con­sis­tent pac­ing per 100m.


This is a fun but killer ses­sion for boost­ing up­per-body strength. Com­plete a steady paced 10 x 150m, but at the end of each 150m you lift your­self out of the wa­ter and per­form 10 tricep dips off the side of the pool, or change it up for press-ups to make it more fun. There’s no rest dur­ing this ses­sion.


These are per­fect for feeling a change in your swim pace. Com­plete 6 x 300m ef­forts with a change in pace half­way through, i.e. first 150m mod­er­ate; sec­ond 150m hard. Aim to change your pace per 100m by at least 3-5secs. This ses­sion is great for work­ing aer­o­bic and anaer­o­bic en­ergy sys­tems.

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