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Small gains still mean sec­onds off your PB... What are the best/ most ben­e­fi­cial vi­ta­mins for triath­letes? The ob­vi­ous an­swer is a mul­ti­vi­ta­min, but if you fol­low a healthy diet you could end up tak­ing too much of one or more vi­ta­mins. So avoid mul­ti­vi­ta­mins that con­tain more than 200% per­cent of the RDA for any sin­gle nu­tri­ent. For us Brits, at this time of year, vi­ta­min D (the sun­shine vi­ta­min) is a must to help keep bones, teeth and mus­cles healthy. Why is hav­ing a strong core im­por­tant? In short, it helps to im­prove strength and ef­fi­ciency in all three sports. Whether it’s swim, bike or run, your core acts as a sta­bil­is­ing point from which all your power is gen­er­ated. If your core isn’t strong, other ar­eas will over­com­pen­sate, which is when in­jury can oc­cur.

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