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(CONT) How do I re­pair a wet­suit tear? Xterra Wet­suits ad­vise the fol­low­ing: 1 Use stan­dard wet­suit ad­he­sive. Most swim, tri, or sports shops stock it. Read the in­struc­tions to avoid dis­crep­an­cies with the in­struc­tions pro­vided here. 2 Lay the wet­suit on a flat sur­face. 3 Gen­tly pinch open the tear to ex­pose both sur­faces. Ap­ply a thick, equal layer of ad­he­sive to both sur­faces. Use less glue on ei­ther edge of the tear to avoid it seep­ing onto the sur­face of the wet­suit. 4 Po­si­tion the tear so that it’s flat. Ap­ply an­other thin layer of ad­he­sive to the edges of the tear, and smooth the ad­he­sive at the edge of the tear with a pa­per­clip or tooth­pick. Don’t leave any ad­he­sive on the sur­face of the suit. 5 Leave the wet­suit on a dry, flat sur­face for 24 hours to dry. What’s the pool swim eti­quette in a race sit­u­a­tion? If you touch some­one’s feet while swim­ming be­hind them, they should stop at the next pool end and let you go ahead of them. This is usu­ally men­tioned in the pre-race brief­ing.

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