Reader Jonathan Shaw is find­ing it hard to bal­ance fam­ily life and work with train­ing. Coach Der­mott Hayes helps him find more time for tri

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Jon: I have an 80-mile round-trip com­mute, ris­ing at 6am, to be out for 6:30am. I’m not great at early morn­ings but am pre­pared to change. Any sug­ges­tions? Der­mott: Train­ing early in the morn­ing is a habit we can adapt to, but you shouldn’t force it as there’s a risk you’ll just re­sent it and go to bed stress­ing about get­ting up. Per­haps start with one morn­ing ses­sion per week, where you aim to train from 5:15am for 45mins and build from there. You won’t need to do more than two morn­ing ses­sions per week as sleep is also vi­tal. Pre­pare all your kit the night be­fore and be ready to go. I can squeeze in a 5km run some lunchtimes and a longer run when I work away once a fort­night. What should I focus on in these ses­sions? The long run is cru­cial to any hopes of a suc­cess­ful 70.3 and so us­ing any op­por­tu­nity when work­ing away is a must. Con­cen­trate on grad­u­ally im­prov­ing your abil­ity to cover in­creas­ing dis­tances. Start with 10k and add 1-2kms each week, un­til you feel that the 21k is achiev­able. As this will only be once a fort­night it could take you four months to get to this stage. The lunchtime runs

“Get the kids on their bikes to join you while you run to a lo­cal park”

could take the form of any of the ‘30min Ses­sions’ [p58], but it would be more ben­e­fi­cial to focus on the in­ter­val-style ses­sions that offer more speed and power. My swim­ming is non-ex­is­tent and a long bike un­heard of. I have two boys, 11 and 8. It would be great to in­clude them in some fun ac­tiv­i­ties that could dou­ble as ses­sions for me. I’d strongly ad­vise you pur­chase a turbo trainer if you don’t al­ready have one, as this will give you the chance to train at home and re­duce time away from the fam­ily. Your long bike rides through the win­ter could be done early morn­ing on the turbo and give you the per­fect op­por­tu­nity to build stamina and add some struc­ture to your ride time, aim­ing to build up to 2hrs. Once you’re fin­ished with the turbo you could get the kids on their bikes to join you while you run to a lo­cal park, try out some cir­cuit style ex­er­cises and show them who’s boss! You also must try and sched­ule one swim per week, which may need to be in the evening as part of a group ses­sion. If you can do a deal with your part­ner where she gets her own free time in re­turn, this might help you get pool time! Can you pre­scribe an ex­am­ple week’s train­ing sched­ule for me? Mon­day – Rest; Tues­day – Run In­ter­vals; Wed­nes­day – Swim; Thurs­day – Bike In­ter­vals; Fri­day – Rest; Satur­day – ParkRun with the kids; Sun­day – Bike En­durance fol­lowed by easy run. Be­gin with this and if it works and you feel you can add an ad­di­tional morn­ing ses­sion then do that on the same day as your lunchtime run or swap for a rest day.


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