Re­cent re­search re­veals how dif­fer­ent body types af­fect re­cov­ery rates

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Body type vs re­cov­ery rates

Cold-wa­ter im­mer­sion is a com­mon

warm-up. The sub­jects con­tin­ued to pedal un­til skin tem­per­a­ture reached 38.5°C, and were then im­mersed in 15°C wa­ter for 15mins. The re­sults showed that the sub­jects with lower body fat and rel­a­tively low sur­face area cooled faster, en­joy­ing the phys­i­o­log­i­cal benefits of cold-wa­ter im­mer­sion, than those with greater mus­cle mass who had to re­main im­mersed longer and took longer to re­warm. In other words, look­ing in the mir­ror should de­ter­mine both im­mer­sion and ‘warm-up’ time. re­cov­ery tool, as it helps re­duce in­flam­ma­tion and in­creases toxin clear-out. But, un­til now, there’s been very lit­tle re­search into the ef­fect of cool­ing on body type.

Aus­tralian re­cov­ery ex­pert Dr Shona Hal­son and her team took 27 ac­tive males and sep­a­rated them into three groups: low mass and low fat; high mass and low fat; and high mass and high fat. Mea­sure­ments were taken pre- and post-trial, in­clud­ing core and skin tem­per­a­ture, fol­lowed by a 5min cy­cle

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