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Stand and hold some­thing solid, and per­form some leg swings out to the side to open out hips. Fol­low this with some glute bridges or go­rilla walks to ac­ti­vate the glutes be­fore do­ing an easy 10min jog.

MAIN SET Lunge drill

Im­proves range of mo­tion and glute strength/ac­ti­va­tion. Take a big step for­ward into a lunge po­si­tion, mak­ing sure your knee isn’t in front of your toe. Pause here to stretch the hip-flexor, then push through the floor with the glute, drive up and though into a lunge with the other leg.

Fast feet drill

Teaches you how to land with a soft, mid-fore­foot ac­tion and con­di­tions the calf mus­cles. Move for­ward slowly try­ing to tip-toe re­ally fast while mak­ing the least amount of noise pos­si­ble.

High-knee drill

De­vel­ops high hips and glute con­trac­tion. Stand tall with good pos­ture, bring knee up to 90° and feel glute on sup­port­ing leg work, now step for­ward and swap.

Heel flicks

Focus on kick­ing a high heel for ef­fi­cient re­cov­ery. Move for­wards slowly kick­ing your heels up to­wards your bot­tom.

Straight-leg run­ning

Helps you to pull the foot into the floor hard from the hip. Jog for­ward, keep your legs straight, stay on the balls of your feet.

Ac­cel­er­a­tion runs

Al­lows you to put the drill into prac­tice over a short dis­tance. Heel flicks into 50m ac­cel­er­a­tion run, focus on kick­ing heels up.


3 x 5 slow, sin­gle-leg calf raises, plus some light stretches

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