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After read­ing the March is­sue [347], I’ve signed up for my first ever tri at the sprightly age of 63. The fea­ture that fi­nally made me bite the bul­let was your ‘Build a Win­ning Triathlon Body’, in par­tic­u­lar the fan­tas­tic tip to ‘sleep more’! I also en­joyed learn­ing that my age-group needs to eat more pro­tein – I don’t need telling twice to or­der steak for dinner.

So thank you 220, I feel like a teenager again! Peter John­son 220 replies: Ex­cel­lent news, Peter! Wel­come to the club, we hope you en­joy the jour­ney.


As a cy­clist who has yet to com­mit to the ap­par­ent joy of car­bon bike frames, I was keen to read your fea­ture on alu­minium bikes in the De­cem­ber is­sue, mostly to see if it vin­di­cated my choice!

Per­haps it’s be­cause I ride a Cannondale CAAD10 and felt a bit left out, but I won­dered how this and other such short­lists are drawn up? Cannondale have ded­i­cated sig­nif­i­cant re­source into suc­cess­fully main­tain­ing and de­vel­op­ing their al­loy frames, in my opin­ion, and they ap­pear to be one of, if not the, mar­ket leader. The CAAD12 seems to fit the bill for this

“I en­joyed learn­ing that my age-group needs to eat more pro­tein – I don’t need telling twice to or­der steak!”

ar­ti­cle per­fectly; it out-specs some of the bikes you chose and comes in at £1,400. While there was no claim that these were the best three al­loy bikes avail­able, the as­sump­tion is that you’ve pre­sented the best op­tions to com­pare.

What­ever the rea­son, thank you for draw­ing at­ten­tion to the ben­e­fits of al­loy bikes – long live al­loy! Steven Gill 220 replies: Glad to hear you’re lov­ing the al­loy bikes, Steven. The rea­son for Cannondale’s ab­sence in that test is that they’d al­ready fea­tured in the ma­jor bike tests for is­sues 338 and 342, so it’s a case of us mix­ing the brands up. As you say, we don’t claim that the Trek, Spe­cial­ized and Hoy are the best three al­loy bikes avail­able, but they’re all note­wor­thy in­clu­sions with strong pedi­gree as well.


Just a quick note to say ex­cel­lent work on this year’s free calendar. I al­ways look for­ward to re­ceiv­ing that is­sue, but this year’s is my favourite yet. Can’t wait to start fill­ing it in! James Clus­ton


In the Reader Res­cue page in the Jan­uary is­sue [“Help me find the right run tech­nique”] I found it quite alarm­ing that the first thing that was pro­posed was to try a min­i­mal run shoe. Why was this the first thing to rec­om­mend rather than have a run anal­y­sis to look at form and me­chan­ics? This is of­ten the cause of in­jury rather than look­ing at the ac­tual run tech­nique.

I’ve just had cryosurgery on a Mor­ton’s neu­roma [a thick­en­ing of the tis­sue around the nerve be­tween the toes], de­vel­oped from years of do­ing sport, and which was made worse when I wore a min­i­mal shoe. Post-surgery, I had 3D gait anal­y­sis, pres­sure tests, run and walk anal­y­sis, and cus­tom-made or­thotics to dis­trib­ute the pres­sure more evenly, and I’m now run­ning pain-free… and, fin­gers crossed, with bet­ter tech­nique. Michelle Don­nelly Alex Dun­can replies: My an­swer was based on how to grad­u­ally change your footwear to be­come more min­i­mal rather than the holis­tic ap­proach. But I couldn’t agree more that run anal­y­sis is vi­tal for any run­ner, whether they’re trans­fer­ring to minimalist shoes or not. And at our clinic, we per­form a de­tailed biome­chan­i­cal video anal­y­sis on ev­ery run­ner that comes in for treat­ment. We also see that some peo­ple tran­si­tion­ing to minimalist shoes can’t adapt to the change of load. This is where re-ed­u­cat­ing the move­ment pat­terns of run­ning is key rather than ex­pect­ing it to hap­pen as a re­sult of chang­ing some­thing else.

While thrilled that we high­lighted the ben­e­fits of al­loy bikes in our De­cem­ber is­sue, al­loy fan Steven Gill was sur­prised not to see Cannondale in­cluded

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