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1hr sea swim. Get a group to­gether and prac­tise swim­ming with oth­ers around you. Fo­cus on sight­ing, breath­ing, stroke rate and draft­ing. Use a wet­suit to al­low your shoul­ders to adapt to the added re­sis­tance.


Swim 3.8km. In­clude 8 x 50m ran­domly placed with a fasthigh stroke rate. This sim­u­lates a break away or speed surge, let the heart rate rise and then set­tle back into Iron­man ef­fort.


Bike hill reps. 2 x [6 x 2mins climb­ing/1min re­cov­ery, de­scend­ing as 2 in aero po­si­tion, 2 seated, 2 out of the sad­dle]. 2mins rest be­tween sets.


Tread­mill run. 60- 90mins @ faster than IM pace on a 2-3% gra­di­ent. Work on in­creas­ing foot cadence to help main­tain pace and rhythm at this late stage in the race.


The Big Hot Brick. Bike 4hrs @ Iron­man ef­fort with 4 x [15mins above Iron­man ef­fort/5mins re­cov­ery]. 15km brick run @ Iron­man tar­get pace. Get straight into a hot bath. Test your nu­tri­tion strat­egy and keep hy­drat­ing in the bath!

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