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Spend 5mins get­ting com­fort­able in the wa­ter. Sub­merge your shoul­ders, even try putting your face in the wa­ter.

For the next 5mins try to float on your back, learn­ing to re­lax your arms and legs. Play around with what works to help keep you still in the wa­ter.

Per­form 5 sets of 5 sink-downs un­der the wa­ter to ex­hale – come up and in­hale, and then straight back

un­der the wa­ter. If you’re un­com­fort­able fully sub­merg­ing, start with just get­ting your mouth un­der­wa­ter, and work on grad­u­ally get­ting deeper. After 5 sinkdowns, take some time to re­lax, calm your­self and set­tle be­fore re­peat­ing.

Take 5mins to do the dead man float, and play around with ex­tend­ing your body – and how it af­fects your bal­ance in the wa­ter.

Do some stream­lined pushes off the wall – hope­fully in the same po­si­tion you end up

from the dead man floats! See how far and how fast you can travel.

Spend the last 5mins of your swim push­ing off the wall/bot­tom stream­lined, and try­ing to swim 3-5 strokes at a time with­out mov­ing your head, get­ting used to main­tain­ing that strong body po­si­tion while your arms and legs move, and do­ing some­thing that feels like recog­nis­able front crawl.

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