The UK triathlon sea­son is draw­ing to a close, so it’s time to swap the tri-suit for the telly, right? Think again, be­cause here’s tri’s mud­dier, grit­tier and (whis­per it) tougher sib­ling, duathlon. And here’s how you can con­quer it…


Ex­pert train­ing advice, kit sug­ges­tions and ses­sions to guar­an­tee run, bike, run suc­cess

Lon­don’s Rich­mond Park may be fa­mous for its deer and an­cient wood­lands, but it’s also the lo­ca­tion of the bona fide start of the UK duathlon sea­son and the world’s big­gest run/bike/run event. Be­cause on 16 Septem­ber, 3,000 rac­ing stags (apolo­gies!) will take on the Lon­don Duathlon in the Royal Park, be­fore the du sea­son heads to Bowood, Bed­ford, Box Hill and a host of des­ti­na­tions across the length and breadth of the na­tion.

While it may lack the ex­po­sure of its slightly-el­der sib­ling, duathlon is an en­thralling chal­lenge in its own right; a pure bat­tle with the el­e­ments that’ll test your pac­ing abil­i­ties, stamina and speed to their outer lim­its. And the of­ten bit­ingly-cold con­di­tions open up an­other di­men­sion to the race, one that many be­lieve is a tougher all­round ex­pe­ri­ence than tri.

The for­mat finds triathlon’s swim leg swapped for an open­ing run, which over the stan­dard duathlon-dis­tance of 10km run/40km bike/5km run dou­bles the amount of run­ning com­pared to an Olympic-dis­tance triathlon. While that may sound like triathlon with­out the scary bit at the start, a duathlon is fraught with per­for­mance pit­falls, from open­ing run pac­ing mis­takes to dou­ble jelly-leg syn­drome and cloth­ing catas­tro­phes.

That’s why we’ve pro­duced your ul­ti­mate guide to smash­ing duathlon, fea­tur­ing the key ses­sions, race-day advice, gear op­tions and much more. And, as an added bonus, in­clud­ing duathlon in your rac­ing pro­gramme from au­tumn through to spring is also a sure­fire way to boost your mul­ti­sport con­di­tion­ing, im­prove en­durance and strengthen your race per­for­mance come the 2019 triathlon sea­son. Now, what are you wait­ing for?!

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