The key sets to have you ready to face the mul­ti­ple chal­lenges of rac­ing a run/bike/run event

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01 FAST-PACE EF­FORTS Ben­e­fits Pre­pare the body to run hard when feel­ing fresh; get used to re­lax­ing when feel­ing un­com­fort­able; and sim­u­late race sit­u­a­tions – the chance to prac­tise chang­ing pace when al­ready go­ing hard. When In­clude six weeks out from the race. Re­duce to two sets a week out from race. Kit needed Run­ning gear, gels and en­ergy drink.

BREAK­DOWN Warm-up: 20min easy jog, drills & strides

Main ses­sion: 4 x [2mins @ 3km pace; 30secs fast; 2mins re­cov­ery]

Cool-down: 15mins jog & stretch

02 HIGH-IN­TEN­SITY SPRINTS Ben­e­fits Get you race ready; de­velop max power; and make you feel sharp on race day. When Six weeks out from the race. As the race gets closer, re­duce num­ber of reps and in­crease rest.

Kit needed Bike gear and en­ergy drink plus gels.

BREAK­DOWN Warm-up 20mins easy bike

Main ses­sion 15 x 30secs max ef­forts. 2mins rest

Cool-down 20mins cool-down

03 BIKE/RUN BRICK Ben­e­fits Men­tal and phys­i­cal con­di­tion­ing. When Six weeks out from rac­ing. Aim to sim­u­late rac­ing con­di­tions, get used to hold­ing your race pace and man­ag­ing fa­tigue while main­tain­ing form and pace. Re­duce to one set a week out from the race as this’ll keep your body race sharp. Kit needed Race-day kit. Ex­per­i­ment with base lay­ers and com­pres­sion cloth­ing. Have a planned nu­tri­tion strat­egy be­fore the ses­sion. Stick with this each week and for the race.

BREAK­DOWN Warm-up 10mins steady bike, 5min easy run & mo­bil­ity and drills

Main ses­sion 2x [10mins bike @ race watts, 5min run @ 10km pace]. No rest be­tween sets

Cool-down 10mins cool-down jog & stretch

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