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I’d like to add a touch of in­dus­trial chic to my kitchen walls with me­tal let­ters spell­ing out EAT. Where can I get them? KIM SMITH, BY EMAIL

Ty­pog­ra­phy is a great way to make a dec­o­ra­tive fea­ture of a wall. The Let­te­room (01264 355488, thelet­te­room.com) sells in­dus­trial-style let­ters in light­weight distressed me­tal (shown), cov­er­ing the whole al­pha­bet as well as an am­per­sand, H35 x D8cm, £28 per let­ter. For a wood se­lec­tion, try The Wooden Let­ters Com­pany (02870 327625, the­wood­en­let­ter­scom­pany. com). It has a wide va­ri­ety in a range of fonts and sizes, start­ing at a height of 15cm, £4.99, and go­ing up to a whop­ping 120cm, £50, in a choice of 36 colours or un­painted. Cop­per & Hall (020 3318 5115, no­ton­the­high­street.com) sells dec­o­ra­tive let­ters in on-trend cop­per in two sizes: H30cm, £28 and H50cm, £38.

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