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How has the growth of Digic changed for its em­ploy­ees?


“I have ac­cepted long ago that things have changed, and will be chang­ing. it is com­pletely clear to me that if we want to move be­yond the kind of projects that we can do as a small team then we have to ex­pand. If we want to do some­thing more than a one-minute trailer with five char­ac­ters, if we want to do some­thing like an an­i­mated fea­ture, we have to grow for that. Things will have to change as the com­pany grows, and so i have ac­cepted it. As i said, some­times i miss the old days, some­times i don’t.”


“When i came here there was about 40 peo­ple, so the com­pany was mostly started by these guys. I re­ally like that scale, be­cause in that scale you can know ev­ery­body. I think that it’s a re­ally good size for a com­pany and since then, as it grows, all of these guys be­came higher roles in their de­part­ments, which means that in our depart­ment – the an­i­ma­tion depart­ment – there is, again, about 30 peo­ple. So it is the same size in the an­i­ma­tion depart­ment as when i started. Again, i can feel that it is a good num­ber, be­cause we can know each other and we can have friend­ships with all of the guys in the an­i­ma­tion depart­ment, and still have those friend­ships around in the other de­part­ments. I think grow­ing to­gether in a com­pany like this it re­ally makes you con­nected to other de­part­ments.”


“I have only ever worked in one com­pany be­fore Digic, so i don’t have too much of an idea of how it is to work some­where else, but what i like about here at Digic is that in­side the light­ing team i have quite a lot of good friends, so the mood of the team is quite good, and some­times we go on hol­i­day to­gether for a few days. The work­ing en­vi­ron­ment [here is] per­fect, maybe the projects could be less, but as i said, the cre­ative free­dom of what we can do or what we are re­spon­si­ble for is quite pos­i­tive for me.”

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