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Digic pic­tures gives us a low­down of the soft­ware and plug­ins used in-house


It might not sur­prise you to learn that ev­ery­thing the modellers cre­ate ends up in Maya, but ad­mit­tedly the artists do have com­plete free­dom to cre­ate in what­ever soft­ware they want, and with which­ever plug­ins they de­sire. “We have a very long his­tory with Zbrush as well,” says Tamás Varga, “And so they do have to use Zbrush, be­cause that’s where we have a pipe­line.” There is a mix of ad­di­tional tools, how­ever. The likes of Headus UV and Un­fold3D are the two key choices for artists, while it’s Body Paint for 3D tex­ture paint­ing with some Mari use for the higher-def­i­ni­tion mod­els.


Again, the an­i­ma­tion depart­ment also re­quires ev­ery­thing to end up in Maya to help with the pipe­line flow and in fact most of the com­pany’s tools as a whole is built to work with Maya. Gá­bor Lend­vai doesn’t be­lieve there’s any­thing that Digic uses for an­i­ma­tion that isn’t stan­dard across the in­dus­try. When it comes to plug­ins, how­ever, many of these are cre­ated in-house by pro­gram­mers. “Most of the plug­ins that we found use­able since I’ve been here were our own,” say Lend­vai, “so there are no out­side plug­ins that we force our an­i­ma­tors to use, most of our an­i­ma­tors have used [them al­ready] for years be­fore they came.” He does add that those that aren’t cre­ated by Digic are mostly ba­sic ad­di­tions that most an­i­ma­tors will be us­ing, such as Tween Ma­chine or Stu­dio Li­brary.


“We are us­ing three dif­fer­ent pro­grams,” says Balázs Horváth. The pri­mary one is Maya, where the light­ing process is de­vel­oped. When it comes to ren­der­ing, Digic equips Maya with Arnold. “Well, ac­tu­ally we are us­ing an in-house de­vel­oped ver­sion of Arnold,” adds Horváth, “So we are not us­ing base Arnold shaders.” Digic has its own dev team for creat­ing plug­ins and adapt­ing tools to fit spe­cific re­quire­ments. Lastly, there’s com­posit­ing soft­ware Nuke, which in­cludes a DOF add-on to im­prove the base Nuke op­tion.

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