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Cre­ate a Pose Morph tag for the el­bow con­trol PSD morphs can help you get the cor­rect skin shape for cer­tain poses, such as fix­ing creases or even adding mus­cle or fat def­i­ni­tion. Start­ing off with a rigged char­ac­ter, you first need to add a Pose Morph tag to any rig con­trol. We’re go­ing to use the right el­bow con­trol here.

Add in a new pose Open the el­bow con­trol’s Pose Morph tag. Now switch over to Edit mode and then click on the Add Pose but­ton. By do­ing this, Cinema 4D will add in a new pose that you will then be able to use for creat­ing the cor­rec­tive shape. It’s called Pose.0 by de­fault, but you’ll prob­a­bly want to re­name that when you start creat­ing more of these poses.

Sculpt the cor­rec­tive shape Now that the skin’s cur­rent deformation is be­ing con­sid­ered, you can make use of any of the usual tools that you’d call upon for fix­ing the skin, like the Brush tool, for ex­am­ple. Here, we can now get to work smooth­ing out the crease and maybe add in a bit of a bi­cep bulge for a flexed pose. And that’s pretty much all that you have to do here!

Pose the arm where you need the cor­rec­tive shape Ro­tate the el­bow con­trol so that the arm is in a pose where you need a cor­rec­tive shape. This is usu­ally at a point where joints are bend­ing and creat­ing unattrac­tive bulges or creases. It’s hard to fix this us­ing only joint weight­ing, which is where these shapes can help out.

Switch to Cor­rec­tional PSD mode If you leave the Mix­ing in Rel­a­tive mode and then try to edit the skin’s points, it doesn’t work be­cause it’s not tak­ing the skin’s cur­rent deformation into ac­count. All you need to do is switch the Mix­ing mode to Cor­rec­tional PSD. The Post De­form­ers op­tion au­to­mat­i­cally turns on and PSD Set­tings show up be­low.

Edna Kruger teaches you how to cre­ate cor­rec­tive shapes for skin based on a video by bret bays on cin­ev­er­sity.com

Ro­tate the el­bow con­trol Switch back to An­i­mate mode in the Pose Morph tag, and then watch the cor­rec­tive shape au­to­mat­i­cally fire as you ro­tate the el­bow con­trol in and out of this pose. And no Xpresso is re­quired for this to work, since this is con­trolled with the Auto Weight­ing op­tion on the new PSD tab in the Pose Morph tag. It is so easy to do.

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