3D Artist - - THE PIPELINE -

Dark Fan­tasy Or­nate Col­umn, 2017


Sub­stance De­signer, Zbrush, Mar­moset Tool­bag

Learn how to

• Mas­ter Sub­stance De­signer

• Avoid tra­di­tional mod­el­ling by us­ing a curve node

• Smartly use Zbrush to speed up your process

• Add a de­struc­tion pass pro­ce­du­rally

• Gen­er­ate a fi­nal ren­der us­ing Mar­moset Tool­bag


The goal of this project is to mas­ter Sub­stance De­signer in or­der to make a hard-sur­face or­nate col­umn us­ing the node col­lec­tion in the pro­gram.

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