Tex­ture with Slope Blur Greyscale

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The Slope Blur node is one of the most use­ful and pow­er­ful nodes in Sub­stance de­signer. It can be used in many dif­fer­ent ways, but in our case it will mainly be used to cre­ate a dam­age ef­fect on our cor­nices, our bas-re­lief and so on.

When you blur a noise with a blur node, it cre­ates ar­ti­facts that once fed in a Slope Blur, will gen­er­ate a very in­ter­est­ing ero­sion ef­fect. The blur In­ten­sity gives you the con­trol on how chis­elled the noise is. The Slope Blur In­ten­sity gives you con­trol of how far the ef­fect is prop­a­gated.

An­other trick to pinch a shape with this node is to plug in the Slope In­put the in­vert of what you plug in the greyscale In­put. Rather, if you plug the same shape in the two in­puts you’ll get an in­flate ef­fect, as you would in Zbrush.

The pro­gram is a real tool­box, so don’t hes­i­tate to ex­plore dif­fer­ent se­quences to cre­ate your own recipe.

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