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“ ow we’re [at] al­most 200 peo­ple over all the dif­fer­ent of­fices,” says Flo­rian Gellinger, one of the four founders of

Rise FX based in Ber­lin, Ger­many. “Ber­lin alone has roughly 1,400 square me­tres now, so al­most five times what we started with.” The Ber­lin stu­dio is a huge, mul­tilevel en­vi­ron­ment with ex­posed cream bricks and black painted walls that con­trast one an­other.

We’re guided through the ground floor, weav­ing through count­less desks of busy artists, shown the on-site screen­ing room and told of how Marvel’s in­volve­ment had meant this once open space had to be retro­fit­ted to al­low for more pri­vacy, more se­crecy. Gellinger leads us up­stairs, through a much more open hall and into the largest meet­ing room of the build­ing, where we’re greeted by his of­fice dog and a glo­ri­ous sight of the river Spree.

But as sig­nif­i­cant a stu­dio as Rise FX is, it doesn’t feel like it – there’s a sense that the com­pany still re­tains the very same essence that

it was born with, of lit­tle more than just friends mak­ing art to­gether. Only mo­ments ear­lier, Gellinger had been in­spect­ing a de­liv­ery for the com­pany, laugh­ing with col­leagues who didn’t seem to recog­nise him as a boss.

“We started ac­tu­ally on the same floor that we’re at right now,” he ex­plains, “which was around 300 square me­tres. We had ev­ery­thing in there – we had a lit­tle screen room, it had our server room in there and the ACS on the roof. And so all in all there was prob­a­bly, if you sub­tract the con­fer­ence from the man­age­ment and pro­duc­ing floor, we prob­a­bly had space for 18 artists, maybe 20.”

Ber­lin is one of europe’s most cul­tur­ally di­verse and ar­tis­ti­cally rich cap­i­tals, but when it comes to 3D de­sign there are few com­pa­nies as sig­nif­i­cant as Rise FX as adam Barnes dis­cov­ers

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