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Rise FX has wit­nessed a decade of change in what is be­ing deemed Ber­lin’s Soho

Rise FX has been lo­cated in the same com­plex for the en­tirety of its decade-long life, grow­ing and ex­pand­ing but never mov­ing. “We’ve been lucky with our land­lord,” says Gellinger, “I think he’s in­ter­ested in see­ing what we pro­duce.” But even the build­ing it­self has had to change with the com­pany, since Marvel’s reg­u­lar in­volve­ment with the stu­dio fa­cil­i­tated nec­es­sary alterations for greater pri­vacy. “We ac­tu­ally had some Marvel [Stu­dios] mem­bers work with us here in the stu­dio, and that re­quired us to change the open space, to build ex­tra rooms.”

But it isn’t only the build­ing it­self that has grown with Rise. As any­one who has ever lived in one of the large cap­i­tals of the world will at­test, ten years can change a lot about an area. Rise’s of­fice com­plex is a lit­tle sprawl­ing and it’s tricky to find the en­trance. When we vis­ited, there was even a large-scale con­struc­tion project next door; it’d be easy for any­one to spot that this is an area on the up. “Since we’ve been here, the area has kind of grown and grown. When we first moved here there wasn’t much here, but over the years we’ve seen more and more stu­dios ap­pear­ing,” says Gellinger. “It’s like Ber­lin’s Soho.”

The walk from the metro is an eclec­tic mix of bars and a plethora of cuisines from around the world. The fa­mous Lido bar has been bring­ing peo­ple to the area for years but now al­most by ac­ci­dent (or per­haps be­cause of Rise FX’S pop­u­lar­ity), it has be­come a haven for 3D and VFX stu­dios.

“We know ev­ery­one from other stu­dios – we of­ten meet them in bars or have a drink with them,” says Gellinger. “We have even be­gun ar­rang­ing meet-ups,” he adds, cre­at­ing a sense of lo­cal ca­ma­raderie between the var­i­ous stu­dios and artists.

It’d be un­likely that Rise FX’S suc­cess and pop­u­lar­ity from in­ter­na­tional sources was the key and only rea­son for Kreuzberg’s cur­rent gen­tri­fi­ca­tion, but with so much cre­ativ­ity be­ing in­jected into the area from a num­ber of sources, it’s look­ing like it could well be­come one of the 3D de­sign cen­tres of Europe.

Marvel has worked with Rise FX ever since X-men: First Class, and on pretty much ev­ery ma­jor Marvel cin­e­matic re­lease since

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