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some tips for your projects:

Make sure to choose your printer and ma­te­ri­als wisely – re­ally think about how you need the part to func­tion and then do your re­search on what ma­te­ri­als will best suit your parts.

if parts need to fit to­gether, they should al­ways be printed in the same ori­en­ta­tion, as the x, y and z res­o­lu­tions are never the same.

Test! Test small, sig­nif­i­cant sec­tions of your parts be­fore print­ing the fi­nal ver­sions.

Take the time to sand, prime and paint – while it is time-con­sum­ing, it’s the best way for you to get the re­sults the you want.

seal your painted parts with a pro­tec­tive var­nish.

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