Danny Sweeney

3D Artist - - THE PIPELINE -

To­tal War: Warham­mer II – Fe­male Dread­lord, 2017 Soft­ware

Zbrush, Marvelous De­signer, 3ds Max, Pho­to­shop, Quixel Suite, Mar­moset Tool­bag 3

Learn how to

• Trans­late 2D con­cept art

into 3D game art

• De­velop a func­tional base

mesh for sculpt­ing

• Cre­ate a ‘bits box’ for use on

mul­ti­ple as­sets

• Unify the look and feel of a

To­tal War: Warham­mer race • Topol­ogy rules and

edge flow

• Cre­ate an ar­mour kit for

your char­ac­ter

• Pri­mary, sec­ondary and ter­tiary forms, and ap­ply­ing the rules of com­po­si­tion to your sculpt

• The art of ex­ag­ger­a­tion, and how to get the best out of your hard-sur­face bakes • How to tell a story

through de­tail

• Cre­ate game-ready hair

the easy way

• Let your tex­tures do the

hard work for you


Rich Carey cre­ated the fe­male Dread­lord con­cept. We work with Games Work­shop to es­tab­lish a con­cept that suit­ably rep­re­sents their IP while also fit­ting well within the To­tal War uni­verse.

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