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OK, where do I start? How about with my 18,000-mile 2006 997 Car­rera 4S, price new in the re­gion of £78,000.

So here I am one year into own­er­ship and a reg­u­lar reader of your life-sav­ing mag. Sounds a bit over the top, but reg­u­lar read­ers like me might want to cast their minds back to the August 2017 edi­tion, where the is­sue of cor­roded wheels nuts was raised in the 'Tech­ni­cal Top­ics' sec­tion and a for­tu­itous ad­vert for World Mo­tor­sports’ rather smart look­ing ti­ta­nium wheel lugs. I must con­fess to read­ing the piece about cor­roded wheel studs with an opin­ion some­what along the lines of: 'Yeah, right. A car of this stan­dard and price, with a prob­lem like that. No way!” But, what­ever, my wheel studs looked jaded and those ti­ta­nium ones were calling to me, so I thought: 'OK, let's re­place the old with these new ba­bies.' You can prob­a­bly see where this is go­ing...

The first one to be un­done left a pile of grey dust on the floor. Yes, com­pletely cor­roded away. This hap­pened on nine of the 20 studs – the col­lar that sits in the wheel was noth­ing but pow­dered crap. I'm still in shock, this is a 175mph car – which I've had my chil­dren in – fit­ted with deadly wheel nuts. For the first time in my life, I'm ashamed to own a Porsche.

For fear of los­ing the point here, this is as much a thank you to 911&PW for your tech­ni­cal ar­ti­cles and thank you to the su­per tech­ni­cians like World Mo­tor­sports for find­ing cures for the rub­bish cost-cut­ting that Porsche are some­times prone to re­sort­ing to. Porsche should be ashamed of this and it should be ad­dressed, along with other well known is­sues.

Aside from re­plac­ing crum­bling wheel studs, I have un­der­taken many other fixes to ad­dress some of the is­sues that the gen 1 997 has. To avoid the well-known bore scor­ing is­sues, I've fit­ted an ex­tra cen­tre rad, plus a lower temp ther­mo­stat and X-pipe cats to take heat away from the cylin­der heads, and now new wheel nuts to stop the wheels from fall­ing off. Je­sus, am I re­ally sane?

Any­one who owns a wa­ter-cooled Porsche, don't even think about driv­ing is again un­til you have re­placed the wheel studs. A huge thank you, then, to 911&PW for un­doubt­edly sav­ing me from a huge ac­ci­dent. Mark Ed­wards, via email

Steve Ben­nett replies: We pride our­selves on our tech­ni­cal con­tent and we're not afraid to flag-up some of the more con­tentious is­sues. As Mark says, check your wheel studs, nuts, lugs or what­ever else it is hold­ing your wheels on.

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