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Just a quick line to thank the crew at 911&PW for show­ing me the Porsche path. As the long-term owner of a 'clas­sic' Car­rera 3.2, I've en­joyed many years of 911 driv­ing. Thing is, when I brought it 20-odd years ago, it wasn't re­ally con­sid­ered a clas­sic and I didn't re­ally use it like one. That re­mained true up un­til very re­cently when, like seem­ingly all air-cooled 911s, my car be­came rather valu­able. It's not show­ing off to say that it was a good one. Mileage was a low­ish 50,000, it was a late 3.2, with the G50 gear­box and in black, with black in­te­rior, it was the right colour combo.

But, as the value es­ca­lated, I started to get very pre­cious about it, not want­ing to drive it the rain, or put miles on it. Then the battery would be flat due to lack of use as months would go by. I con­cluded that this was get­ting silly so I sold it and put my money into a Cay­man S and paid for half an ex­ten­sion on the house!

I couldn't be hap­pier, and nei­ther could my wife. I don't feel short-changed with the Cay­man. It is a wonderful thing to drive and makes the Car­rera feel like the clas­sic it now is. In fact I feel lib­er­ated from clas­sic Porsche own­er­ship and the stress that it was start­ing to cre­ate. James Horner, via email

Steve Ben­nett replies: You're not alone, James. Most of the 911&PW crew have fol­lowed a sim­i­lar path in re­cent years. Mrs Ti­pler is very pleased with the new bath­room from the pro­ceeds of JT'S 964, and my own Car­rera 3.2 be­came many more use­ful things. Or are we all just mak­ing a virtue from a ne­ces­sity? Ac­tu­ally, let's not go there!

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