The fu­ture is elec­tric, but don’t write of petrol just yet. Porsche isn’t and we don’t need to ei­ther


This month’s News pages are a good ex­am­ple of the gen­eral state of flux for Porsche and the mo­tor­ing world in gen­eral. We lead with a story re­gard­ing the Mis­sion E con­cept, which is now a cou­ple of years from launch and prom­ises a look into the all-elec­tric fu­ture. Turn the page, how­ever, and there’s Porsche still play­ing with fos­sil fuels and smash­ing the Nür­bur­gring lap record with the new 991 GT2 RS. Mixed mes­sages per­haps, but in to­day’s mo­tor­ing cli­mate there is still room for both ac­tiv­i­ties and pre­sum­ably in the fu­ture too, de­spite what the doom mon­gers may pre­dict.

I’m quite looking for­ward to be­com­ing a car ‘hob­by­ist.’ If the fu­ture means that I have to have some sort of elec­tric con­veyance (I say con­veyance be­cause it might not even look much like a car) for – say – driv­ing in town cen­tres, then fine by me. I see it as be­ing some sort of util­i­tar­ian de­vice, prob­a­bly white, with some gad­gets and sooth­ing in­te­rior. It might even be au­ton­o­mous, al­though I don’t buy that whole revo­lu­tion just yet. As long as the quid pro quo is the com­mon sense agree­ment that petrol cars are not go­ing to be driven off the road and can be used, where fit for pur­pose and for leisure, then I’m per­fectly happy with that.

I don’t be­lieve that we are see­ing the last hur­rah, but just a tran­si­tion pe­riod and one that’s go­ing to take many years to pan out. There will be many more Nür­bur­gring lap records to be bro­ken. But maybe this will be the last one for an all petrol pow­ered 911, and you get the feel­ing that Porsche re­ally turned the wick up this time for that very rea­son.

I’m quite looking for­ward to be­com­ing a car ‘hob­by­ist’

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